Eva Lendel


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Breathtaking Miata gown feels straight off the red carpet. Tailored in intricate lace with transparent sequins, ivory beading and small pearls, the dress mesmerizes at first glance. The highlight of the style is its deep straight neckline with off-the-shoulder straps that expose boning. Yet the balanced look is maintained due to the amazing fitted skirt with draping under the waistline and majectic long train overskirt made of the same beaded lace.

Eva Lendel introduces the brand new Less is More III collection. Reimagining elegance and minimalism, the collection presents some totally unexpected twists: well-known classics enriched with bold sparkles, large voluminous flowers and even more detachable elements. “Less is More” fourth edition comes with a new highlight of the collection – voluminous handmade flowers that may be detached from some dresses.